5 Points

Thinglink is a free web tool or mobile app (iOS or Android) that allows you or your students to create interactive images.  Thinglink allows images to come alive by adding notes, links, video or other interactive elements.  Teachers use Thinglink for a variety of lessons and activities. Examples include: annotating text, documenting science lab activities, creating flipped lessons, close reading, sharing learning and creating artist statements.

You can earn three levels of badges with Thinglink  – complete all three and earn the Thinglink Quest Badge.

Thinglink Badge Level 1:  Design your digital self

Thinglink Badge Level 2: Vocabulary in action

Thinglink Badge Level 3: Create an Interactive Map

Below is an example of a Thinglink image. It was created to demonstrate features of the Redwood Forest.

3 Required Steps

  1. Earn “Thinglink Level 1″ 1 time.
  2. Earn “Thinglink Level 2″ 1 time.
  3. Earn “Thinglink Level 3″ 1 time.